Meet Our Team

Ambitious, Focused & Innovative

One for all and all for one

We are a young, dynamic and highly motivated team from all over the world. We all are convinced by the vision of Swissbreeze and believe that everything is achievable if you just try hard enough.

Moritz Krähenmann, CEO at Swissbreeze
Moritz Krähenmann
CEO and founder

Moritz is the main driver of the company and has gained experience in Relationship and Project Management. He is in charge of the strategic management as well as the international customer relationship management.

Marvin Felder, Head of IT at Swissbreeze
Marvin Felder
IT Manager and Business Consultant

Marvin joined the company in early stages. He is responsible for the worldwide digital strategy as well as for the technological development of e-commerce.

Luca D'Ambrosio, Head of Marketing at Swissbreeze
Luca D'Ambrosio
Marketing Manager

Luca is our creativ mind and responsible for everything with regards to our marketing and branding. He brings international experience in marketing from London and Amsterdam.

Laurin Hauri, Head of Finance at Swissbreeze
Laurin Hauri
CFO and HR Manager

Laurin supports the whole team with his financial expertise. Furthermore he is in lead for business development and client relationship management in Switzerland.

Elizabeth Chen, Managing Director China at Swissbreeze
Elizabeth Chen
Country Manager for China

Elizabeth is our newest Teammate from Beijing. She is supporting us with her outstanding skills in marketing as well as PR and is responsible for our social media presence as well as public relations.